95 Holiday White Lightning!

randomly drew names to own one. If you was one of the lucky 50 you got one at no charge to you. This is a Custom Thunderbird, they also had a Mustang 1 of 50 too. To date, this is the rarest of all White Lightnings Johnny Lightning has made. I have seen theses on Ebay and go between $300.00 to $400.00.

Welcome to the new feature story on the 95 Holiday White Lightning. Back in Oct. of 1995 Johnny Lightning offered this rare chance to own one of theses. First you had to be a member of the Johnny Lightning Newsfash, then you had to inlist a new subscriber to the Newsflash. Then Johnny Lightning

 I was lucky to get one of the Mustangs, but I am keeping it. Theses are well wanted by any White Lightning collector, but are very seldom seen for sale. I hope you enjoyed this article and know a little more about the rare 95 Holiday White Lightning.


Let the Lightning Strike!

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