"All I want for Christmas"

It’s the morning of December 25th, and that can only mean one thing, it’s Christmas Morning! As I am “Abruptly” awoken from my peaceful slumber, my ears are telling me, that my son’s are ready to see what’s under the Christmas Tree. I slowly open my eyes, to see that I am being tugged in two different directions at once, though they are actually heading for the same destination. This seems to be the yearly ritual, I want to sleep a little longer, yet they come in before the sun is up, exclaiming that the day actually started at Midnight.

As we approach the living room, I see that the only stocking that is still hanging, is one marked DAD. The floor is strewn with small toys and candy, that had the “Snowman Stocking Hangers” groaning the night before, due to being overstuffed. As I slowly make my way through the Land Mines of toys and candy, to a place that was intentionally left open for me to sit, I see the boys sitting next to the tree, eyes wide with anticipation of what might be wrapped up in the pretty packages. They have waited patiently as possible to begin opening presents, but alas they must wait a few minutes more, as in their haste to get me out of bed, they once again did not give me time to get my drawers on. Seems to be a yearly occurrence, but they don’t mind as much as I do, just to cold to sit there like that.

After taking care of the little draft problem, I once again made my way back to the open seat, with only one difference this time, the piece of Chocolate that I now have stuck between my toes. It appears that my eyes are still not quite all the way open, and I missed a few steps in my return trip. As I’m sitting there cleaning up the mess between my toes, I glance at the boys, to see how red their faces are. Apparently they were trying so hard not to laugh, it didn’t work. Before opening even ONE present, we were enjoying ourselves. Though I must admit, putting chocolate between my toes, was not how I planned to start the day. Once we had all gotten the color of our faces to our usual pale selves, we began the ritual of opening our respective packages, in an orderly fashion.

There is one thing that I have always wanted for Christmas, and it doesn’t come in a Package with a bow. It is the JOY of spending time with my wife and sons, that has no monetary equal. It is true that Christmas is a time for sharing, but that does not necessarily mean it has to be a “Material” item shared, rather the sharing of that moment in our lives. We are all rich in the aspect of having family, that we are able to share these special moments with.

My Christmas List is short this year, as in years past……..


“All I want for Christmas, is the ability to remember these special moments with my family, as I get older”


Written by Brian ( Badpauls)

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