Burch Engineering is now offering the new Kentucky Derby 131 1:64 Scale - '64-'65 Shelby Daytona Cobra. These are the sixth in a series of die cast vehicles made for the Kentucky Derby. They are 100% die cast metal and there are two color variations of this vehicle, limited to 3,000 made (1,500 of the chrome red and 1,500 of the green). No more of this design or color scheme will be made after these are gone. Each Shelby Daytona Cobra features rubber like redline tires, serial number printed on the chassis, the official Kentucky Derby 131 logo, and KD 131 printed on the license plate. Each Shelby Daytona Cobra is packaged on a blister card with custom artwork with official Kentucky Derby holographic sticker. We will try to send out sets with matching serial numbers. There are white lightning versions of each color limited to 150 made of each color. Each white lightning has white chassis and white wheels.

Quantity Made: 3,000 (1,500 of the chrome red and 1,500 of the green / 150 of each color are white lightnings) $29.95 a set

Every sixth set ordered will be a white lightning set while supplies last. You can pre order these at:

Burch Engineering

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