Have you ever really checked the quality and detail of some of the diecasts out there at the stores you shop at? In this short new letter we will point out some of theses issues  in Hot Wheels Vs. Johnny Lightnings.

Hot Wheels diecast!

  Ok, first we will compare the Hot Wheels brand from Mattel. Most of the time Hot Wheels sale for around $.99 and are very available at most stores. They say a FE, they may make upwards of 200,000 of that casting. So theses are very plentiful and can sale for a very low price. The quality on the Hot Wheels in my opinion is fair to good, but they lack in fine detail unless you get into the Cool Collectibles  and they can run into the $9.00 figure . They are a great value though at the cost of the basic line.

 Johnny Lightning Diecast!    

   Now secondly, we will compare the Johnny Lightning diecast from Playing Mantis.  Most of your Johnny Lightnings sale for $2.99 and are a lot harder to find in the stores compared to Hot Wheels. Also many of the J L come with real rubber tires  and are around 12,000 to 20,000  per car, per series. Some have hoods that open and just look at the detail inside there. By far Johnny Lightning adds so much more detail for a little more money.

   So all in all, Johnny Lightning has far more detail and quality in their diecasts then Hot Wheels for the money and value. I too like to collect Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightnings. I hope this little comparison doesn't upset you because this is just a look at the quality and detail and not to change any ones mind on what to collect. Happy Hunting from Lightning Lane!!!!

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