GET 12 cars for the Price of 11 (in addition to the
 FREE WHITE LIGHTNING). 13 cars for $142.89 DELIVERED!
 Almost a $40 savings!

 FREE SHIPPING on orders of 11 cars or more!

 Shipping reduced on orders of cars less then 11 will
 be $3.95!  A savings of $3 to $8 depending on how many
 cars are ordered!

   Here's a brand new Promo from Cool Collectibles. You buy any 12 cars and receive a rare Free White Lightning and also White lightnings are inserted randomly in orders.  First they have a orange 69 Camaro SS Ragtop and a Black With Flames 69 Camaro SS Ragtop. Pictured below are the White Lightning versions.

  Next we have a Zinger 71 GTO Purple Rebel Rod and a Zinger Black With Flames 71 GTO. Pictures below are the White Lightning versions also.

 To place your order for these great looking Johnny Lightnings, you can call 1-800-909-4212 or go to their website at: Cool Collectibles     Don't miss out on these sweet Johnny lightnings.

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