What's White Lightning?

  There has been so many people email me and post messages asking the question, "What is a White Lightning " and how can I tell if I have a White Lightning or just a regular issue Johnny Lightning. Well in this story I hope to take some of the mystery out of know if it is or isn't.

    Well first, not all White Lightnings come in the same variations, some may have a white base, some white rims, white tires, white interiors, and or any combo. The production #s are anywhere from 1% to 5% of total issue of regular issue Series. That makes these White Lightnings so very rare and hard to find.  Below is a example of of a White Lightning.

   As you can see this example has the white rims and white interior. They also come with White Lightning written on the tires, white interiors, white tires, gold rims, and white engines. They can come with just 1 of theses traits or any combo, so check them closely.

    White Lightning was started in 1994 with the first commemorative.  Theses came in White bodies with a White Lightning Badge. The White Lightning badges stayed on for a few years and Johnny Lightning got a lot of slack from the collectors that with the badges, they where too easy for store employees to find. So then they stopped with the badges. White Lightnings also used to come numbered on the base too and they stopped that a couple years ago. Last year Johnny Lightning went with a brand new card also.

   Even though the White Lightning has taken many changes through the years, one thing has remained the same. The White Lightning is the most rare variation of all diecasts. And in my opinion the coolest diecast of them all.  I wish the best to all you White Lightning collectors in finding your treasured pieces. HAPPY HUNTING!!!

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