Since the announcement of there being a White Lightning version in this 300 run of pre Fest Camaros, many of you have been looking and wondering what the 3 White Lightnings were. well, the wait is over, so check the ones you have and hope your lucky in finding one of the 3 made. The White Lightning traits are a white air cleaner and windshield white visor, along with the card.  Talk about rare!!!!! Thanks Mark & HobbyTalk for doing these

    Ok, you Camaro fans, this will be one rare 2004 Lightning Fest 1969 Chevy Camaro RS/SS with only 300 produced. These were commissioned by Mark Hosaflook.  Once again Mark went to bat for us Johnny Lightning collectors and Lightning Fest folks. The 2004 Lightning Fest Camaro RS/SS is being sold as a set of 2 for a Price of $30.00 for the set with only 137 sets being sold. 26 of them are being held back as Lightning Fest prizes, thank you's and sponsor car and such.  You can order these at the Hobby Talk BB through Mac's Little Cars as a pre order and are expected sometime in June.
    Hard racing wheels were used for better gravity racing with Crager rims and include 2004 Lightning Fest tampos. These are very detailed as seen in photos below and a very rare piece. I hope you enjoy the pictures and hope to see many at the Lightning Fest this year.


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