Lightning Lane is the only place you will see these 1 of 1 Lightning Fest Prototypes. I was given permission to show these 1 of a kind Diecasts and hope you enjoy the pictures and a short description.

 I know you VW fans will enjoy this one. This is the 2001 Lightning Bolt Day VW Bus. The original prototype done for Playing Mantis to give Tom Lowe a 3D version of a possible activity day casting. 1 cool bus huh?
  Here's another one I think you'll like also. This picture is a 2001 Chevy Stocker Pink Slip Racer. The Idea was well received, but it was decided to hold off until 2002. Even the 2002 and 2003 Pink Slip Racers given away now are only 1 of 50.
 Here's another, this is a 2002 prototype of the Pink Slip Racer. Is your mouth watering yet?
  Ok, bet it will now!!! Here's a picture of the 2003 Lightning Fest Dinner Batmobile given out, but wait. Due to licencing issues, the Batmobile had to be made in kit form. Below the boxed one is the Prototype Batmobile that had white rims, chassis and motor. (1 of 1)
      Now for a fantastic ending, pictured to the left is the prototype 2003 Lightning Fest Jet Ski set. Minted prototypes and White Lightning version. (1 of 4 ).
   Well Lightning fans, I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures and a big thank you for giving Lightning Lane permission to show the world these super rare Diecasts. Thanks Mark for sharing these photos.


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