Factory Test Shot Wheel and Rim Combination!

   These great pictures were mailed to me this week anonymously and was given to show on Lightning
Lane. Thank you for who ever for the great pictures and sharing them to the world to see.
   At one time, after Playing Mantis had completed the mock-up on a new casting, several wheel selections were placed on the test runs and sent back from China for review. It offered a much better view of fit and finish, comparing each wheel and rim and how it would actually look on a finalized version. The Racer X VW Van version shows four of the different wheels and rims considered.

    Most of the test runs came back in red like the Corvettes shown below. This example shows six different wheel and rim options. Most of these are kept on hand for future series considerations. Wheel well rubbing and chassis clearance flaws were often discovered using different combinations.

One Rare Casting!!!!!!!

  James Bond films have international appeal and there are Bond collectors and enthusiasts all over the world. Each Bond series made by Playing Mantis has done well and even the Wal-Mart Grill promotion was a big hit. The Bond cars and gadgets have always been a highlight of each film and the latest stealth Aston Martin Vanquish is no exception. With that in mind a test set of cars were made to see if a stealth version of the Vanquish could be made in 1/64th scale. Obviously it could not be made of metal, so plastic was used. More pictures below!!!!!


   Only one car was sent in completed form, the other three were sent in parts form though they could easily be assembled. The only metal parts are the two axles. Even the tires are made of clear vinyl and carry a nice tread pattern. Consideration was given to do this casting as a chase car, but since it couldn't have a metal chassis, along with other reasons, the idea never went into production. I'm hoping all of you enjoyed this article and a big THANK YOU for sharing these rare shots. :)


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