Well, VW collectors, we have a brand new promotional  coming soon. It is the all new M.A.C.E. VW Samba Bus coming in mid July to late July. The regular M.A.C.E. VW Samba Bus is a production run of 2,000 and comes in red and black with great looking flames for $19.99 a set.

    Also for you Candy Chrome lovers we have a red and purple with flames set at a production run of 500 sets for $29.99. These come with serial numbers stamped on the base. All of these are sure to be a big hit and will sell out fast and can be pre ordered now. M.A.C.E. does have a package deal and now for you White Lightning collectors. Yes, M.A.C.E. did produce White Lightings in these great looking buses. There are 150 each made and are given out in their package deal offer. Here is the link to to pre order your sets or package deal.  LINK FOR ORDERING       Now for the pictures of these beautiful White Lightning M.A.C.E. VW Samba Buses that has serial numbers stamped on base, white base, white interior, white rims and White Lightning printed on tires.

Thanks M.A.C.E for the great VW Samba Bus Promotional!!

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