"Little Red Wagon"

   We all remember the "Little Red Wagon". In 1964 Dodge brought out the 65 Dodge A-100, "a cab forward pick up" and a 426 Hemi. Being head of public relations for Dodge ( Frank Wylie ) , he wanted to put the 2 together in a Super Stocker drag truck to promote them.

    They came up with the idea of putting the Hemi in the bed, supercharging it, boosting the power to 425 hp. Then they chose Bill "Maverick" Golden to drive the truck. The first showing of the Little Red Wagon was at the grand opening of Lions Drag Strip. Bill's first pass he did 6 wheels stands and the crowd roared. That night the Little Red Wagon became a legend as the " Original Wheel Stander".

    Johnny Lightning in 1996 did 2 Promo Editions of the Little Red Wagon. Here's a picture of one of two they did. The other one had Cragar rims and were only offered to Johnny Lightning Club Members. They really did a great job with the detail also on this casting. Johnny Lightning also did another Little Red Wagon in the Show Stopper series. They also offered a White Lightning version of the truck too. 

   I never had the opportunity to see the truck personally but I bet it was a awesome site to see. Long live the Little Red Wagon.




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