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  It was time for a new update for this page. Thank you for the help from RC2 Design Team for supplying the materials and Design Team information  for this new Feature Story. Both of these new pre production samples have some errors made in China and were corrected before full production of the releases.  Today the examples are a Muscle Gold 7 69 GTO Judge and a Johnny Retro 2 AMX. Thanks again for keeping the Johnny Lightning collector well informed.

Here are the differences between your cars and the final versions. These are the  Team's exact comments, lifted from their emails to the factory.

261 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge [ Muscle Gold 7]
1) Please paint the engine bay Flat Black
(not body-color).
2) Please increase the length of the front axle
by 1.0mm.
3) Please increase the length of the rear axle
by 1.5mm.
4) Like the other cars in this assortment, the interior
of the White Lightning version should not be gold.
In this car, it should be red (like the regular version).
[Note 1: By mistake, a designer wrote "metallic gold" in the interior field of the form they
use to tell the factory how to make the WL version.]
[Note 2: The body of the regular version of this car is metallic silver.
Also, the other cars in the assortment do not necessarily have a red interior.]

963 1969 AMC AMX [from Johnny Retro 2]
1) Per artwork, do not paint PMS-877 silver window trim on
sides of car.
2) Per artwork, please paint entire engine bay P-15. [This is a code we use for metallic charcoal.]
3) Per artwork, add PMS-8402 section of door handles. [This is a medium silver---two shades darker than "bumper silver."

4) Please reduce front and rear axle length by 0.9mm.
5) For the White Lightning version, please make the body color Transparent Black [not navy blue].
[Note: The first samples for all of the Johnny Retro 2 WLs came back in the very dark blue color pictured below.

They were supposed to be Transparent Black]
6) Finally, please confirm that the interiors will be injected (not painted) PMS-8401C. [This is one shade darker than "bumper silver."

I hope all you enjoyed a great behind the scenes look at what RC2 does for us collectors to get the best diecasts in our collections.

Thanks, Rick 7/08/07

     Hello Johnny Lightning collectors. With the help  from RC2 we have a new Feature Story. This Feature will be be writing about Pre Production samples that wasn't done correctly at the factory to get approval from RC2 to go ahead with production.  These examples are the new Trucks & SUVs R7, Matco truck ( 50192B) and the other is a Mopar or No Car R11, 58 Belvedere. First we have the Matco truck:

#711 1999 International Cargo Truck: This is a Pre Production Sample, a White Lightning version ( Injected white rims and interior)  The logos on the back door and the front of the box, the "S"  is missing from "Tools".  Mac supplied the factory with the correct art, so he was very surprised about this. (Pictures below)  Also the chassis is missing the legal line, "1999 International Trick Used Under License".

Here is the story of why RC2 chose to put Matco on this truck. Mac wanted a nationally known brand to be displayed on the cargo truck. RC2's "Custom and Premium" Department makes promotional models for dozens of companies.  Mac went to the director of the department and told him what Mac wanted to do. Mac asked if he had a customer that's he'd like to feature on the truck. He didn't hesitate to say "Matco"  It was a great way to thank them and a terrific way for Mac to get a well known brand on this little truck. If it's successful Mac plans on doing it again with another company.

#930 1958 Plymouth Belvedere, Pre Production, White Lightning version ( Injected white interior & Chrome-Plated Engine) On this sample take note that various "Chrome" trim pieces are painted black. Some how, black got substiuted for silver on the art work  the factory uses. They made the samples exactly as the art work instucted. (See front fender trim, Plymouth on the trunk, trunk keyhole, Belvedere emblem on the rear fenders and circles around the tail lights. Note the gold grill-bars. This was a Fury-only feature and was corrected for production, now the bars are silver. This is the first JL Belvedere to feature  "Sport Tone" side trim. (Paint, not the silver anodized aluminum). The Iceberg White body paint is too dark and too yellow. The "Toreador Red" roof and Sport Tone trim is too dark also. Toreador Red is very bright and was fixed before production.

Thanks again RC2 for your help on the Feature Story.

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