70, 71, 72 Red First Shot Chevelles!


  Test Shot are the first castings out of a new mold. Most of the time there are no more then 4 of any Test Shots of a casting unless there are corrections to be made, so these are quite rare. Till recently these were made available to the public. 

   In the last few weeks , Tom Lowe has offered a few of these for auction to the public. I was lucky to team up with 2 other great collectors to acquire a Chevelle for my collection, as we know these are the real deal.

Above is the 70 Chevelle Test Shot and below you can see the base shot. Notice they do have #s and letters done with a marker for reference purposes.

Next is the 71 Chevelle Test Shot.

Next is the 72 Chevelle Test Shot with a base shot also.

67 Buick Test Shot

   I hope you enjoyed the feature and learned a lot more about how the diecast companies work on a new casting to be released in the near future.

Thanks, Rick

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