Sizzlers Stocker 400 Set

   Are you ready to go back into the mid 90's? That's when Johnny Lightning introduced the Sizzlers Stocker Race Set. Each Race Set came with two Sizzlers Stock Cars, 18 feet of track, a Mega Charger battery charger and two glow-in-the-dark bodies for some cool night time racing action. Now I'll tell you a little about this set. 

    First you would charger the rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries that came inside each Sizzlers car. The longer you would charge them, the longer they would race. If you would charge a car for 8 minutes, you would get about 4 minutes of fast exciting racing. The only thing you needed to get started was to buy 4 "D" size alkaline batteries to power the Mega Charger. Just slide the nozzle pin into the gas port on the side of each car, hit the button on the top of the Mega Charger and the charging would begin. Charging time on the Mega Charger was 1-4 minutes, but you could charge them  more by hitting the buttons more times for longer track time.

   Now, if you was into night racing, never fear, Johnny Lightning came through with two Glow in the dark bodies (included with set). Snap on one of theses bodies and plug in a fluorescent black light or two and you would have some awesome night racing and still be able to see the cars racing around the track, glowing as the raced . You just had to try this out. I sure did. (LOL)

   You could buy a extra charger and cars to add to your set also. Seems Johnny Lightning had you covered on your needs here. They offered 10 different Sizzlers Stock cars and some Sizzlers

Classics like a 71 Hemi Cuda, 96 Viper GTS, 70 Trans Am, 89 Mustang and more. Johnny Lightning even offered a Toy Fair Sizzlers one year to add to your Sizzlers collection. Theses were really cool looking.

  I hope you have enjoyed going back in time and have brought back some of your youthful memories of racing your Sizzlers or Diecasts around the track. I know it has for me. I may even get my set out and do some racing tonight. How about you?

Have fun with your hobbies !!!


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